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  • 5-LOX Inhibitor with AprèsFlex®

    5-LOX Inhibitor with AprèsFlex®

    100mg, 60 vegetarian capsules Promotes joint, cell & arterial health Boswellia serrata has been shown to neutralize 5-LOX 5-LOX is a member of the lipoxygenase family of enzymes. It transforms fatty acids into leukotrienes. Excess levels of the...

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  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine


    500mg, 100 vegetarian capsules  Supports brain & nerve health & youthful cellular energy   L-carnitine helps maintain cellular energy metabolism Protect against the effects of brain aging Helps maintain mitochondrial...

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  • Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3

    125mcg (5000 IU) 60 softgels Potent whole-body health nutrient   Your skin produces vitamin D when in direct sunlight or indoor tanning devices, but that’s not an ideal solution for obvious reasons. Choose a potent vitamin D3 supplement from...

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